Tower Smiles Dental News

Fluoride and cavities

Since the city decided to remove Fluoride from our water supply several years ago, we have noticed a dramatic increase in the number and size of cavities that children are presenting with in our office.  Please insure that YOU are brushing your children's teeth at least twice a day (after breakfast, and before bedtime) with a toothpaste containing fluoride, and floss their teeth before bedtime.  Children do not have the manual dexterity to do a good job on their own, and the fluoride from the toothpaste will help prevent cavities.  Please do not leave your children's oral hygiene for them to look after!


As you probably know, the Alberta Dental Association, in conjunction with our provincial government, has developed a fee guide for our province for the first time since 1997.  Although there is a great variation in office overheads and fees charged within our province, this has not been taken into account when the guide was produced.  As such, you may find that the fees charged in one area of the province will be different than another, even with the new guide.   Because we have not increased our fees for the last few years, our fees compare favorably to the new fee guide, even though our office is located in an area that would typically have a high overhead.


Please be advised that the Palliser Parkade is now charging $8.00 per hour or portion thereof for parking.  After many discussions, Impark has decided to charge for the second hour by the half hour, instead of by the hour or portion thereof.  This is a bit of a savings, and hopefully parking rates will continue to decrease in the future!

Perfume and Cologne

Our office strives to offer a scent free environment for the comfort of our patients and staff.  Many individuals are very sensitive to various scents, that can actually make them ill.  Please respect the health of others, by not wearing perfume or cologne when you have a dental appointment.