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Dental Health Resources

What is the difference between a pediatric dentist and a general dentist?

Pediatric dentists specialize in the oral health care of children, from infants to teenagers. Here, our Calgary dentists explain how pediatric dentists are different from general dentists.

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Types of Dental Fillings

If you have a cavity that needs dental filling, there are different types of materials to do the job. Common fillings materials include amalgam, gold, porcelain and composite. Here, our Calgary dentists explain the differences among them.

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Healthy Teeth: Why Starting Early is Key

Preventive oral hygiene plays a key role in the fight against tooth decay and a slew of other health-related issues. Here, our Calgary dentists explain why establishing good dental health care routines early is important for your child.

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The Dental Bridge Procedure

Our Calgary dentists use dental bridges to replace missing teeth. Here, our dentists explain what a dental bridge is and what the procedure entails.

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How do I get my toddler to brush their teeth?

Just like trying to get your kids to eat their vegetables, getting them to brush their teeth can be tricky, but forming good oral hygiene habits while they are young is critical. Here are some tips from our Calgary dentists.

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Gum Disease & Gum Care: Information, Prevention & Care

Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, can threaten your oral health and result in other health issues. In today's post, our Calgary dentists explain how to prevent periodontitis and improve your gum health.

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What is puberty gingivitis?

Puberty gingivitis is a preventable dental health condition that can develop in children during puberty. Here, our Calgary dentists explain the causes of puberty gingivitis, and how to prevent it.

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Dental Crown Procedures: What To Expect

Dental crowns are a form of restorative dental treatment that can help improve the strength, function, and appearance of a damaged, decayed, discoloured, or crooked tooth. Today, our Calgary dentists share more about the dental crown procedure. 

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When to Start Brushing Your Baby's Teeth

Baby teeth are essential for children's healthy oral development, and for the health of the whole body. That's why brushing them is so important. Here, our Calgary dentists explain. 

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Recovering from a Dental Crown Procedure

Our Calgary dentists describe what you can expect during your recovery from a dental crown procedure.

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