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At Tower Smiles Dental, we want every patient to have a positive experience after visiting our office!  Below are some Online Dental Reviews from our patients and around the internet.

3rd Party Sources:

My family has been seeing Dr Markovich for years, great dentist, great staff, would recommend to anyone looking for a dentist in Calgary!

(from Google)

Eli was recommended to me about ten years ago and I have never had a problem with him. His hygienists are great and the front office staff take care of all my needs. I was going to leave him a few years ago to find someone closer to my work, but then went for some fillings and nearly fell asleep in the chair because the procedure was so painless and relaxing. Myself and my family are still with him. Eli is super helpful with any dental situations we have had and has been quick to respond. I am not sure if he is expensive or not; the staff takes care of my benefits and I usually have a little extra to pay on top of that.

(from RateMDs)

Have seen Dr. Eli my whole life. I have NEVER been to another dentist. I LOVE going to the dentist as a result of how well he worked with me as a child. I don't care if he costs extra because he is awesome. My parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins all go there. Hopefully he will still be there in a few years so my son can see him and start out on the right foot. All of my cousins also love the dentist as they have been going there, their whole lives as well. I have never had any problems getting in for sudden tooth pain even after not going for four years I was in the next day. I have never had insurance problems either. The office staff are very nice and very accommodating.

(from RateMDs)

My family and I have been going to Dr. Markovitch for years. I have never felt a needle yet. He is so gentle when he works on you that it makes it an almost pleasant situation. All of his staff is also very, very good.

(from RateMDs)

I have been going to Dr. Markovich since I was a little girl. He is very gentle and kind. The office staff are great as are the hygienists. I would highly recommend him.

(from RateMDs)

Excellent service, excellent bedside manners, professional, reasonable fees, and good caring.

(from RateMDs)

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