Tooth Extractions

Why would Oral Surgery be required?

Ideally, your permanent teeth will last a lifetime. However, there are some reasons why tooth extraction or oral surgery may be required. A very common reason involves a tooth that is too badly damaged from trauma or is too decayed to be repaired.

The most common form of oral surgery in dentistry is single or multiple teeth extraction. This includes wisdom tooth extraction, which may be a necessary to maintain good oral health.

At Tower Smiles Dental in Downtown Calgary, we perform oral surgery for single tooth, multiple teeth, and wisdom teeth extractions inside our fully accredited and certified Downtown Calgary Dental Clinic. This way you experience the comfort of familiar surroundings to ease you through the oral surgery process. If you suffer from dental anxiety, we also offer options to help you get the dental care you may be needing.

Our friendly Dental Team is here to answer your questions and address any concerns. We encourage you to book a consultation appointment with one of our experienced dentists, who will be happy to explain your treatment options in greater detail.

Some Reasons Why Oral Surgery May Be Required:

We know that your smile is important to you and ensuring that you have a positive experience and your comfort is our top priority.

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